Our September muse Nat from the Northern beaches chats to us about all things health! Get a glimpse into her healthy lifestyle  and if you need any Nutritional advice, be sure to check out her website out www.thewholejona.com ! x



Oh wow, you have a hell of a view, what’s the best part about living right across from the beach?

Definitely waking up and seeing the sunrise every morning from my bedroom window. Oh, and early morning swims in Summer never gets old!

What does a typical day in the life of Natalie Ford look like? 

My most recent routine is all about nurturing myself. I generally wake up around 6am, have a warm glass of water and then I head out for a walk to see the sunrise. I walk from Curl Curl (my home) down to Shelly beach and back, stopping for a coffee at the boathouse and LOTS of chats with people I know along the way. Two hours later it's shower and breakfast time (which is usually eggs, a blueberry smoothie or soaked oats with berries and nuts).

I work from home so I generally sit on my balcony in the sun doing emails and phone calls whilst sipping on one of my herbal teas during the morning before I head out on the road to see clients - I work for a Kombucha company as well as run my own small business. Lunch is usually pre-packed from the night before (I love a leftover dinner and am a big fan of cooking my own food, so I know exactly what I'm eating) and then I'm back in my apartment in the late afternoon to finish more emails and follow ups with clients.

5:30pm rolls around and I am ready to sweat, so I head to the gym for a HIIT or strength workout, or Pilates (my old/newfound love again).

Evenings are either spent out at dinner with friends, cooking new recipes, working on new website content, pulling together tea and facemask orders, reading a book or if I'm really lucky, watching something on Netflix and switching off... it's usually a combination of a few of those things!

Bedtime is around 8:30/9pm - I LOVE my sleep and need it to function properly. Plus it really is one of the best tools you can use for your health. It helps with everything from reducing stress levels, hormone control, and muscle recovery and of course, reducing those fine lines so we stay youthful - It's the best anti-ageing tool!

My weekends are spent very similarly to my weekdays except I focus more on my business and ensure I see my friends as well as have some well-needed relaxation time.

One part of your routine you couldn't do without is...

Exercise! It plays such a big part in my life - if I'm feeling sad, tired, confused or just plain exhausted, I move! Once my body is activated and my muscles are burning I immediately feel better. It's an instant cure for everything and always leaves me with a smile. And water...lots of water to flush toxins and stay clear headed. Can I have two things!?


Favourite beauty product is...

My sister is a makeup artist at Sephora so I'm spoilt for choice when it comes to trying the best products. She knows me very well and is always giving me the hot tip on what to use. I've just started using a Kale, Spinach + green tea hyaluronic acid moisturiser by Youth To The People (yes, you read that correctly) and I absolutely love, love, love it! Also, Ole Henriksen Power Peel is incredible - that man is a genius 💕

 I believe you’ve recently started your own little business THE WHOLE JONA, tell us about that...

I started the whole jona out of a love for all things natural health, wellbeing and beauty. The name jona is a combination of mine and my friend Jo's names - she was the person who really encouraged me to start my own business. It evolved from making organic tea and facemasks in my kitchen for gut and skin health to total wellness packages where I provide tailored nutrition plans for my clients as well as personal shopping. I like to think of it as the whole package!

Two things that you always have in your fridge...

Yalla Hummus + broccoli are staples in my household.


Kombucha is ...

A game changer and all about nourishing your gut. It's a fermented tea that is packed with good bacteria and flavoured with real fruits and veg. Kombucha can help with gastrointestinal issues such as bloating, cramping, gas etc. plus boosts skin health, brain + immune function and aids in muscle recovery. See ya later soft drinks and fruit juices, this guy is taking over. Just make sure you choose one with natural sugars (i.e. fruits - don't be scared of them) and always consume in moderation.

Any exciting projects coming up?

I am working with some really amazing and influential people on their health journeys which is something I've worked hard for and is super exciting for me. I am also writing a book - a process that started 2 years ago and is ongoing! - It's going to be a little bible that is all about knowing your everyday superfoods and what is specifically good about them. We know fruit and veg is good for us but I delve further into their specific benefits so you don't have to scroll the internet!

How would you describe your style?

Laid back with a hint of cool (but not too much cool 😂) I'm a big fan of knits, anything backless and free-flowing. I love neutral colours and a splash of colour in the warmer months when I'm feeling adventurous (or tanned).

What’s your favourite piece from our spring capsule range and why? 

I’m a big fan of the cami and shorts, I love that they’re a matching set, but I can mix and match it with other pieces. Love a bit of versatility.

Check out Natalie's website for some skin and gut advice - http://www.thewholejona.com  xx

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