Irene Sacristan Gomez AKA Neri is no doubt the ultimate Boho dream girl!
We came across this Spanish beauty rocking our Primrose skirt on the limitless pages of Instagram and it was love at first sight!
We knew then and there we wanted to work with her! Now she’s covering our Insta feed as well as a lot of our stockists and we absolutely love it!
Neri dropped in to say hello a few weeks ago when she was in Sydney.
She spoke in her lovely Spanish accent, has amazing cheekbones but most importantly her down to earth personality and approach to life made use fall in love with her even more.

Turning her passion for fashion into reality, Neri and her beau ( the man behind the lens) have recently started their own clothing and lifestyle brand called Ottway The Label.
Check out what her label is all about in this interview with the boss lady herself plus more .





You’re a Spanish residing in Melbourne, where bouts in Spain are you from? And what made you move to Melbourne ?
Hola!! I came to Australia for love, yes for love haha and I couldn’t be happier with my decision, I love this country and my boyfriend. I’m Spanish, from a little town outside Toledo, a medieval city one hour from Madrid. 

How did you fall into becoming a “Digital Nomad,” and what do you love most about your job?
Well, I have a degree in Marketing and Advertising, then when I moved to Australia I specialized myself in digital. I always liked and enjoyed creating digital campaigns.
On the other side, my dad is a professional photographer, so I’ve been in contact with cameras since the early days. The best thing of being a digital nomad is the flexibility that you have to move around.

We love your look and style, where does your inspiration come from?
Thanks so much! I love fashion and trying new things. Instagram always helps in terms of new ideas and I guess having the opportunity to travel gives you broader views and different trends from elsewhere.


How do you compare Australian fashion to European fashion?
That’s an interesting question. For me, the main difference is the seasonality. In Europe we have four main seasons changing significantly and here, it’s either Summer or Winter.
Mainly Summer, you can find more beachy options here!

Three things you can’t leave your house without? phone, multiple lipsticks and any kind of hat (if you know me I’m a mad hatter haha).


You just had a European Summer, tell us a bit about your trip and what you enjoyed the most while you were over there?
European summer is always the best. Long days, good weather, nice food, family and friends. 

Three best tips for when travelling to Spain ?
Avoid July and August, get ready for some extra kilos(so many tapas) and bring an empty suitcase, you’ll find out why.

You’re not just a pretty face, you are a boss lady! Tell us about your label, Ottway The Label and where and how the idea was born.
Ottway The Label was born with the idea of bringing something different and unisex with a vintage touch. Can’t wait to show you all the new designs coming!


What’s something you love to do that no one really knows about?
One of the things that I love and I try to do every day to disconnect. So I put my headphones on, turn up the volume and dance crazily as if I were in my own video clip haha (it’s been always a dream :P).

Lastly, what’s been your favourite LL piece so far?
I really love all your linen pieces, and from the last collection, I especially like the Dancing daisy Midi skirt.

Susan Black