For our July Edit - we've teamed with up Josephine, a born & raised Swedish cutie who now resides in the beautiful Northern beaches, Manly! We love her gorgeous big smile and her style. Have a little read and get to know our July girl! Don't forget to check her out on Insta.





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So where are you from originally? 

I'm originally from Sweden, born and raised!

How long have you been here? Give us 3 words to describe Sydney and why you love it here so much?

I have been in Australia for a little more than a year now. Travelled the east coast for four months, then worked in a retail shop full time until recently when I started uni here. 

My 3 words for Sydney must be 1. open-minded, 2. laidback, 3. home - I have started a life here in Sydney and it has become my home. There is not one thing I don't like about this city, because you can find everything here - beaches, national parks, skyscrapers, shopping, lakes, etc. And I love how everyone is active, are outside often, and how safe it feels here. And of course, the weather!! Coming from Sweden, I'm kind of over long and freezing winters. Sydney's climate suits me a little bit better hehe! 

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What made you start your own blog?

I have always been interested in photography and fashion, so I started my first blog about 10 years ago. It was a place for me to be creative in my own way where no one could say if it was right or wrong. 

We love your style – where’s the inspiration derived from?

Firstly, thank you!! <33 I get most of my inspiration from Instagram. There are so much creativity on this platform and I can't get enough. 

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Who takes your gorgeous pictures?

Mostly is my beloved boyfriend, who gets to act insta-boyfriend 80% of the time we spend together. Bless him haha! But otherwise it can be anyone, I had my 10-year old sister take all my photos on my last family trip to Crete, and she absolutely loved it!

Favourite place to eat.

Since I'm vegan I obviously love any place who serves food I can indulge in hehe. But my favorites must be Verd (Manly) and Shift Eatery (Surry Hills) for lunch, and Golden Lotus (Newtown) for dinner. 

Little lies is ...

 .. a fabulous brand who I believe is going to go as far as the moon!


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